Saturday, 2 August 2014

Mull circumnavigation

160km, 3.5 days and lots of amazing places.
Leaving Amy's house just south of Oban to start a solo circumnavigation of Mull.
Progress thwarted at Lady's Rock by strong opposing tides and winds.  Early lunch saves the day.
Tasty battered mackerel in Tobermory to end a great 1st day.
Day two ventured around the northern tip of Mull and ended on the awesome, Treshnesh isles.
The islands were rammed with Puffins, Shags and bunny rabbits.
Every evening involved lots of fun with tides, weather and spots to explore next.
Day 3 started with a good explore of Fingles Cave, which you can paddle right into and enjoy the incredible geology.
The beach on the beautifull Iona was too inviting to pass. 
Time to explore Iona and admire the Abby.  The fIrst monastery was built in 563 whan Columba came over from island to spread Christianity to the Pics and Scotts. It's also said to be the burial site of Macbeth
I camped on the Southern edgs of the Ross of Mull and rose early to paddle back to Amy's house befor the forcased force 7's arrived.
There is something really apealing about a circumnavigation. Possibly the defined challenge?  Putting an islands scale in context? Or a logistically simple trip?  I love doing them and am excited for the next one.  Greenland anyone?

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